Making a Pokemon Team with Kingdom Hearts Monsters

How does one create a Pokemon team using creatures from a completely different franchise? You break everything down and rebuild it back up before breaking out the charts and math.

Inclusion Criteria

As indicated in the video, not every enemy that appears in Kingdom Hearts has been included in this project. The criteria are:

  • Must be either a Heartless, Nobody, Unversed, or Dream Eater
    • No special versions that technically fall under the above but are basically sentient characters (e.g. Organization XIII, Chirithy, Ansem SoD)
  • Must have appeared in at least one game outside of the browser/mobile game
  • No monsters that are fought exclusively in a Gummi Ship or Dive segment

Academic Link

This project is utilizing the lens of the dominant reading (Hall 1980, p.136) of the Pokemon franchise and I am negotiating my understanding of Kingdom Hearts monsters through this lens to construct an interpretation where they fit into the world of Pokemon.

This project is also making use of Raessens’ 2005 writings on participatory media culture, in that to accomplish this I have deconstructed the type categorizations of the world of Pokemon, reconfigured my understanding of Kingdom Hearts monsters, and am using this to construct something new.

Breaking Down and Building The Team

The full spreadsheet of how I’ve categorized each Kingdom Hearts monster can be accessed here. All of these categorizations were made with extensive sourcing of information from Bulbapedia and the Pokemon Wiki to break down Pokemon types. The KH Wiki was sourced for its database of information on each Kingdom Hearts monster and for their renders.


Understanding the resistances and vulnerabilities of single-type and dual-type Pokemon was done through consulting some incredibly helpful charts available on the Pokemon Database. Dual-type monsters were not assigned a “primary” and “secondary” type in the way that Pokemon are, since this has no mechanical impact on type resistances and vulnerabilities.

The current line-up of Kingdom Hearts monsters for my “Pokemon team” is:

  1. Electric/Steel (Surveillance Robot, or Guardian)
  2. Dark/Flying (Fluttering, Archraven, or Peepsta Hoo)
  3. Poison/Grass (Poison Plant, Mandrake, Woeflower, or Wheeflower)
  4. Water/Fighting (Spear Lizard, or Sir Kyroo)
  5. Fairy/Psychic (Majik Lapin)
  6. Free slot

Note that boss enemies are also excluded from our team (in the same way that legendary Pokemon are typically excluded from matches, and I am a good sport), but they are included in the calculations since our hypothetical opponent may still use them (we are not competing in a proper competitive match after all).

I am still aiming to present this project as a video, although we are a bit behind schedule from my initial project timeline. Hopefully, we can get back on track without too many issues.

Final Words

Lastly, I’d like to mention some of the feedback I received on my initial project pitch. While I did receive some lovely feedback, the change in project direction has made much of it no longer applicable to this current iteration. Nonetheless, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to say something.

This blog post was written as part of BCM 215 – Game Media Industries, as studied as part of my Digital and Social Media major at the University of Wollongong.


Hall, S 1980, ‘Encoding/decoding’, in S Hall, D Hobson, A Love, & P Willis (eds.), Culture, media, language, Hutchinson, London, pp. 128-138.

Raessens, J 2005, ‘Computer games as participatory media culture’, in J Raessens & J Goldstein (eds.),  Handbook of computer game studies, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, pp. 373-388.

7 thoughts on “Making a Pokemon Team with Kingdom Hearts Monsters

  1. this is probably my favourite project i have seen and i literally know nothing about either game. so well thought out and it is something you are clearly super engaged with !!! (this isn’t my beta comment for the assessment, just an observer) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Elena,

    I really enjoyed your project and the changes you have made to it! You mentioned that you will be making the monsters you have categorised into a team like what happens in a pokemon game, did you have a battle in mind when putting the team together? Would they be more suited for an elite four kind of match where you need a lot of variety or more of a gym battle?

    You’ve got great coverage of the analytic framework needed, but if you need any more information, the article I’ve linked is about the Pokemon colour palette and how it relates to each type.

    Looking forward to the end product!
    – Brooke

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  3. I am so under qualified to be commenting on your blog.
    1. I think its a really interesting look into paratext and making your own rules based on what’s already cannon about the games.
    2.This required a lot of work, and time and effort and id like to applaud you for that
    3. I think you have a fine amount of feedback? have you considered that maybe its a good project and people like it?


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